Deodorant Stick

What is a deodorant stick?

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Stick deodorants, or deo sticks, are gaining popularity the last few years. Many men switch from their deodorant spray to a natural deodorant stick. Sometimes a stick deodorant is confused with a deodorant roller, but there is a clear difference between these two product categories.

You do not roll a stick deodorant on your underarms. It is maybe a slightly weird comparison, but a stick deodorant is a bit like a Pritt stick. You turn the bottom and then the deodorant comes up. And then you can easily apply it on your underarms in a few strokes. Deodorant rollers have more a gel like consistency and deodorant sticks are more solid.

In most cases a stick deodorant is not an antiperspirant. They are not trying to prevent you from sweating, but they help to keep you fresh and clean.

Benefits of a stick deodorant

A deodorant stick does not block your pores with aluminium particles, so your skin can breathe naturally. At the same time, your skin will be hydrated and nourished with natural ingredients and extracts. Stick deodorants contain way more natural ingredients.

Another huge benefit of deodorant sticks is that they last way longer than deodorant sprays. A stick can last for multiple months, even when you use it daily. And that is also why stick deodorants are more environmentally friendly.

How to use deodorant sticks for men?

First of all, it is important to point out that when you switch from a deodorant spray to a natural men’s deo stick, that you skin as to get used to it. The first two weeks you can actually sweat a little bit more, because your skin is adjusting to the more natural formula.

It is best to apply your stick deodorant on dry and clean armpits. Turn on the bottom of the stick to have the product come up. Now you can apply your deodorant to underarms in a few strokes. Just move it back and forth about twice.

Turn the bottom of the stick again to make it go back and put the lid on it. It is important to always close the lid because otherwise your natural deodorant stick can dry out.

Best men’s deodorant sticks

In the Moquer shop below we have many natura deodorant sticks available for men. Most of them do not contain aluminium, but instead, natural ingredients to absorb sweat and get rid of nasty odours. Sometimes they use baking soda or arrow root powder as an alternative to aluminium to keep your armpits dry.

Popular brands for men with premium stick deodorants are Jack Black, Salt and Stone, Brickell Men’s Products and Baxter of California. Their scents are popular and the deodorant work well with other skincare products of these same brands. All these brands have elaborate product lines for men.

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