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Bullfrog originated as a chain of Italian barbershops, hence the brand is also known as Bullfrog Barber Shop. The number of barber shops grew rapidly, and at a certain point, they decided to manufacture products based on their acquired knowledge in the barbershops. This led to the birth of Bullfrog's men's products. The brand has experienced explosive growth in recent years, and there are now a wide variety of products available, allowing you to take care of yourself from head to toe with Bullfrog products.

Bullfrog and Moquer

Moquer discovered Bullfrog through a friendly supplier and was immediately enthusiastic about the Italian products. Since 2023, more and more Bullfrog products have been added to the Moquer assortment. Bullfrog brings classic Italian shaving into contact with North American barber culture, resulting in beautiful and refined products. Bullfrog has ambitious plans for the future, making a collaboration between Moquer and Bullfrog Barber Shop a great opportunity for both companies.

Bullfrog Barbershop Products

As mentioned earlier, Bullfrog has a vast array of products, and an increasing number of them will be available in the Moquer shop. They offer products for your beard, shaving, hair, and body care. Additionally, they have a variety of fragrances and perfumes for men. Some popular lines from Bullfrog include Bullfrog Agnostico and Bullfrog Secret Potion. There are several beard and shaving products with the distinctive scent of Bullfrog Agnostico. The Bullfrog Perfume is also a popular category.

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