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Dapper Dan

About Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan is a British barber brand founded in Sheffield in 2011. They were not happy with the current availability of hair products for men, so they started collaborating with hair dressers.

In 2012 Dapper Dan launched their first product, the Dapper Dan Matt Paste. This brand has a small product line, but enough to have something for many different hairstyles and hair types.

Dapper Dan and Moquer

Moquer started selling Dapper Dan products in 2016. This British barber brand was a great addition to the current brands, because Moquer wanted to offer more barber brands. Since then Dapper Dan is an important and affordable brand in the shop that many men appreciate.

The Dapper Dan products

Dapper Dan launched a few hair styling products and with those you can achieve all the different hairstyles according to them. The hair styling products are classic British products in good looking metal tins.

Dapper Dan products are very affordable, so this brand is popular with many men. Their most popular product is the Dapper Dan Matt Paste and their sea salt spray is also gaining popularity lately.

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