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Fudge Professional is a brand that has been around for a few decades, so most men and women will have heard of this hair styling brand. This British brand has proven itself and it has been featured in many magazines and articles.

Fudge is there for the freethinkers and everybody that wants to develop their own style. It is popular with people that are not afraid to go for edgy and unconventional hairstyles. It is tempting to stick to what you know, but Fudge Professional does not want to label people or put them in certain boxes.

With Jonathan Andrew and Tracy Hayes Fudge has two very well-known people in the industry as worldwide ambassadors for the Fudge Professional products. Both have a tremendous amount of experience and they worked with many experts and celebrities.

Fudge and Moquer

Fudge Professional has been added to the Moquer shop in 2023. Even though Fudge has a huge assortment, it was decided to start with a small line-up with products that resonate most with Moquer’s customers.

Moquer has many exclusive brands, but it always tries to keep a healthy balance between more exclusive brands and more accessible brands. Fudge Professional fits very well in this last category and it is a great brand to try when you are curious to go a step up compared to supermarket and drugstore products.

Fudge Professional products

In most cases the products of Fudge Professional are suitable for both men and women. That makes these products very accessible, and it helps that these products are relatively affordable for a premium brand as well.

Fudge has many product lines and a lot of different hair products, so initially the more popular hair styling products have been added to the Moquer shop. These products will offer what most customers are looking for and, in the future, there are plans to expand the Fudge product line in the shop.

Many products of Fudge Professional are also suitable for women. For more women’s products, please visit our women’s shop Magnoliah.com!

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