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Moquer: Smooht Styling, Sharp Shaving

We from Moquer want to inspire every man to create a perfect and stylish look.
Moquer has set itself the goal to make exclusive products, especially for men, more accessible for every man in Europe. With this motto we are trying to contribute to the ever growing trend of men care products. Looking good and taking care of yourself is no longer just for women.
Moquer is a concept created by three young and highly motivated entrepreneurs from the Netherlands. They noticed that men nowadays are also looking for high qualitative products. Founders Chris Gerrits Jans, 
Ramtin Sadeghpoor and Willem Rabsztyn recognised this desire and founded Moquer to contribute to a stylish future for every man. That is why we only sell exclusive products that are being used in salons or used by professional stylists. Combined with a unique presentation and an inspiring Instagram page and YouTube channel, we try to make these products more accessible for you. 

Who we are

  • Chris Gerrits Jans

    Chris Gerrits Jans


  • Willem Rabsztyn

    Willem Rabsztyn