Face Toner

What is a toner for your face?

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A toner for your face, or face toner, is a product that is primarily suitable for men that have blemished skin. Men with oily or combination skin can benefit from a face toner because it helps to absorb excessive sebum. Excessive oil or sebum can clog your pores and cause impurities or acne.

So, a face toner is basically an additional cleansing step in a skincare routine. You use it after scrubbing and before hydrating your face with a moisturizer. When you have dry skin, then a toner for your face is not recommended.

How do you use a face toner?

In most cases you do not use a face toner for your entire face. You apply the toner on spots that need some extra cleansing. Your T-zone is a good example of this. That is the area that covers your forehead and nose. The T-zone can sometimes be a bit shiny because of excessive oil. Use a cotton path to pat some face toner on those areas.

A toner for your face is applied but you do not rinse if off afterwards. Instead, you apply your favourite moisturizer when you are done with your skincare routine. So, toning is just another step for men that have blemished or oily skin.

What does a face toner do?

There are a few important properties that a face toner has. First, it provides a better and deeper cleansing of your skin. It helps to prevent your pores from getting clogged and it has antibacterial properties to prevent blackheads, whiteheads, and acne from occurring.

Second, it improves the absorption of a skin serum or moisturizer by your skin. Your skin will be getting the hydration it needs even better.
A toner for your face can also help to reduce red spots and irritated skin. Because of its antiseptic properties it will repair and heal your skin faster.

Best facial toners for men

In the Moquer shop we have a few premium face toners that are developed for the thicker skin of men. The most popular toners are the Baxter of California, Lumin Skin and Brickell Men’s Products ones.

These brands have many other skincare products, so their face toners are an excellent addition to improve your skincare routine and minimize blemishes and oiliness.

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