Reuzel Pomade

Reuzel Pomade: the brand for a slick look

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You want your hair to look good and with the correct Reuzel pomade you will definetely create the look you want. This brand wants to help man achieve the best hairstyles and that is why their pomades are very popular worldwide.

Reuzel Pomade

There is no such thing as THE Reuzel Pomade, because they have a lot of different pomades and every pomade is best for a different kind of hairstyles and looks. The brand Reuzel has been founded by the Rotterdam barbershop Schorem.

Different Reuzel Pomades

Let’s talk some more about the different pomades of Reuzel. They have about 6 different pomades, but they continuously launch new products, so in the future it will probably be more. For now let’s take a look about the 6 most popular ones.

Reuzel Red Hair Pomade

This pomade is basically the product that put Reuzel on the map. Reuzel Red Pomade provides a medium hold with a lot of shine. It does not dry in your hair too much and stays relatively flexible without any white flakes. It is an easy to use product that scoops out like butter.

Reuzel Red Hair Pomade works perfect for those shiny and classic looks, like pompadours and slick-backs. This pomade is water based, so with some warm water it will come out clean. And the delicious vanilla and cola smell is a bonus. This red version is available in 3 sizes.

You of course do not need red hair to use this pomade 😉.

Click here for more info about the Reuzel Red Hair Pomade

Reuzel Green Pomade

Do you like a fresh scent in your hair? In that case this pomade is fun to try, because the scent has notes of apple and mint. This is an oil based pomade, so you can restyle your hair throughout the day. It provides a medium hold with a medium shine.

The formula contains tea tree oil to help prevent that there will be too much build-up in your hair and the beeswax in this product provides some hydration. Reuzel Green Pomade will wash out again with some shampoo. Compared to other oil based pomades it will wash out relatively easy. This green Reuzel Pomade is also available in 3 sizes.

Click here for more info about the Reuzel Green Pomade

Reuzel Blue Pomade

Do you have difficult hair that is hard to tame? Then try this Reuzel Blue Pomade! This product provides a heavy hold, but it is water based. So, you can rinse it out easily with some warm water.

This blue pomade provides a high hold with shine. You do not have be afraid for white flakes in your hair.

This pomade is also great to use for over the top looks, like big pompadours. Want a Johnny Bravo look? No problem! 😉. And you can get this all with a great scent of vanilla and wood. This Blue Reuzel is available in 3 sizes as well.

Click here for more info about the Reuzel Blue Pomade

Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

Were you disappointed to read that the other pomades gave a good hold but also a lot of shine? Then i have good news for you, because the Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade helps you to create the same looks, but with a matte finish.

It does not matter if you want a messy look with a high hold or a very polished or groomed look, this Reuzel pomade can do both. This Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade provides texture and volume. And the formula is water based, so you can rinse it out again relatively easy.

Click here for more info about the Reuzel Extreme Hold Matte Pomade

Reuzel Fiber Pomade

For shorter hair and medium long hairstyles you can try this Fiber Pomade. It provides a high hold with a natural, semi-matte finish. When you do not want your hairstyle to be too polished, this product could be for you. It works great for out-of-bed looks or other messy hairstyles. Reuzel Fiber Pomade provides a good hold, but you can still restyle during the day.

Do you have thick hair that lacks some texture and definition? Then this Fiber Pomade of Reuzel can help you out as well. It works best in medium to thick hair.

The formula contains aloe vera and quinoa to improve the elasticity of your hair. And this pomade is water based as well, so rinsing it out will be easy. The scent has notes of vanilla and mint.

Click here for the Reuzel Fiber Pomade

Reuzel Matte Clay Pomade

Do you have a medium long hairstyle and do you want a matte finish? Then this pomade is something to look at. This hair clay also works great for shorter looks. It provides volume, texture and hold. It will not weigh your hair down and it provides a medium hold with a matte finish. Reuzel Matte Clay is a flexible product that offers texture and separation.

Do you want to have great hair while exercising? Then again this pomade is something for you, because it can handle some sweat.

This Reuzel Clay Pomade has a no shine, matte finish. It will rinse out with just warm water, because it is water based. Also this Reuzel pomade comes with a vanilla and mint scent.

Click here for more info about the Reuzel Matte Clay Pomade

Other Reuzel products

Above I talked about the most popular Reuzel products, but nowadays they also have hair tonics, sprays and other products. They frequently add new products to adapt to the ever changing landscape of hair styling trends. If you want to check out all our Reuzel products, then click here to see their full line!

Applying a Reuzel Pomade

Not all Reuzel Pomades are applied equal. In general you usually scoop out some pomade with your finger and then you rub it between your hands to break it down. After that you apply it in your hair.

It depends on your hairstyle if you should apply the Reuzel pomade in either dry or damp hair. In dry hair you usually will achieve the highest hold. In slightly damp hair you will get some more shine. Style your Reuzel hairstyle with your hands if you prefer messy and tousled looks. Use a comb or hair brush when you go for those classic and groomed looks.

In the Moquer shop you can read for every Reuzel product how it is best applied in your hair.

What is Reuzel?

Reuzel is a Dutch brand for hair styling products. The company has been founded by barbers Leen and Bertus in Rotterdam. Their barbershop is called Schorem, which means Scumbag. The influence of Rock ‘n Roll and the 1950s/1960s Hot Rod culture is very visible and the products are developed to achieve these kinds of hairstyles and looks. Leen and Bertus also frequently star in various barber shows around the world where they show their barber skills and products. This has contributed a lot to the popularity of their Reuzel brand.

Nowadays it is not just their Scumbag Barbershop, but they also have their own Reuzel barber school and the Reuzel brand of course.

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