Lange en warrige krullen

5 best haircuts for men with curly hair

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When you have curly hair as a man, you know it can sometimes be a bit annoying. Some men love their curly hair and others despise it. If you hate your curly hair you probably try to straighten it, but if you love it, you can really accentuate it nicely. This blogpost is for men that embrace their natural curls and want to achieve a nice curly hairstyle.

There are of course many great haircuts for men with curly hair, but I will highlight 5 hairstyles. Most of these are very easy to achieve and style, because you just follow the natural flow of your hair. It is up to you how much hold and shine you like.

1. Curly undercut

Curly Undercut Man

An undercut is a pretty timeless hairstyle and you have probably heard of it. An undercut can perfectly be combined with medium long curly hair. The sides and back are usually a few millimetres and on the top you keep your hair longer. The sides do not blend with the hair on the top and that is why it is called an undercut.

It is a very versatile hairstyle, so you can achieve many different curly undercuts. You could go for a (skin)fade for example. Or when you really want to go for a sharp and angular look, you should try to avoid that your curly hair sticks out on the sides, but keep them the same width as your face, like on the picture above.

The best products to use to style a curly undercut are a hair wax or hair paste with a medium hold. When it comes to shine it is up to you to decide, but be aware that matte hair styling products could be a bit more difficult to apply because they are dryer and sometimes a bit tacky.

2. Curly fringe

Curly Fringe Kapsel

A curly fringe is a great hairstyle for men with curly hair if you like a messy and tousled look. You only need a few minutes in the morning to style it and you are good to go. A curly fringe means that your curly hair is styled a bit to the front and falls over your forehead. You need a little bit of length, so if you have medium long curly hair, this works great for you. A curly fringe looks like you have nothing in your hair, so it is very natural.

In most cases the sides and back are a bit longer as well when you go for a curly fringe. You want to avoid sharp edges and everything should blend nicely. And it is very easy to style in the morning. Just use a hair wax or paste with a light hold and a medium shine. This hairstyle has some resemblance with out-of-bed looks, so just keep it natural.

3. Curly quiff

Curly Quiff Kapsel

A quiff is always a good choice and a popular hairstyle. Especially when you do not want your curly hair to fall over your forehead, then this curly quiff look is for you. You style your hair up and slightly backwards, so a product with some hold is recommended.

You can use a Quiff Roller or Skeleton Brush for example, because these tools help to achieve a lot of volume when you blow-dry your hair. That is a great way to accentuate this curly quiff.

The curly quiff is also a very versatile hairstyle, because you can keep the sides a bit longer for example for a more nonchalant look or keep them shorter if you like a neat and groomed hairstyle.

4. Long messy curls

Lange en warrige krullen

The first three haircuts for men with curly hair I talked about are all best for men with medium long curly hair. This hairstyle above works best for longer curls. The long messy curls look also works great for men that have smaller curls, the so-called ringlets.

It is a very messy and tousled look that does not require a lot of styling. You should just make sure your hair stays hydrated and nourished. It does not require a lot of styling, because you just follow the natural flow of your long curly hair. A hair cream with a medium to high shine can help you to achieve this look and provide some extra definition.

5. Curly french crop

Curly French Crop Kapsel

A French crop is a very compact hairstyle. The sides are usually a bit shorter and can be combined with a (skin)fade. On top the hair is not that long and styled to the front. This look usually as a lot of texture and a matte finish.

For men with curly hair this can also be an excellent pick. It also does not require a lot of effort to style it. You could use a volume hair powder for extra volume and lift. It also adds a lot of texture and a matte finish.

This hairstyle follows the shape of your head and should not stick out on the sides. That is why it is such a neat and compact hairstyle. In some regards this curly french crop resembles the curly fringe, but the sides and back are usually shorter and the hair is styled up.


Above I mentioned 5 great haircuts and styles for men with curly hair. In all cases you can just embrace your curly hair and even accentuate it. There is no need trying to straighten it. Those looks are also easy to style and to maintain. To really keep your curly hair looking great, it is advised to visit a barber or hair stylist once a month.