To what countries do you ship?
- We ship to all European countries. For a detailed overview, please see our shipping & delivery page.

How long before my package gets delivered?
 - Delivery will take between 10 and 20 Business days depending on where you live, please see our shipping & delivery page.

How much is shipping to my location?
 - Shipping is €6,95 for orders with a ordervalue under €99. Shipping is free for ordervalues above €99. Please see our shipping & delivery page.

Do you offer track & trace of my shipment?
 - We offer tracked deliveries to a lot of countries. Check if we offer tracked delivery to your country on the shipping & delivery page.

How can I track the status of my order?
 - You can track the status of your order using the following link: https://www.moquer.com/sales/guest/form/

What company do you use to ship the packages?
- We use either PostNL or DHL depending on the location. In most cases the package will be handed over to a local company for the actual delivery.

What happens with my package if I'm not at home?
- In most cases their will be a 2nd attempt when you are not at home. When you are not home the 2nd time, the package will go to a storage facility in your area where you can collect your package. You will receive a note in your mailbox where that location is.


What payment options can I use?
- We have several options, like Sofort Banking, Paypal, Creditcard (via PayPal) and directly wiring the amount to our bank account. We also offer a variety of local methods per country. See our payment methods page for more information.

How do I know my payment has been processed?
 - Once the payment is made you will receive a confirmation of your order in your e-mail. People who choose to directly wire the amount to our account will receive an e-mail with instructions how to do that.


I have received the wrong product(s), what should I do?
- Unfortunately things like this can happen. When this has happened it is best to contact us stating your name and order number. Then everything will be corrected.

I would like to return a product, is that possible?
 - Yes, it is possible to return one or more products to us. But please understand that products need to be unopened and may not have been used. Due to hygienic reasons we cannot accept products that have been used or opened. If you would like to return an unopened product, please contact us stating your name and order number. It is possible to return products within 14 days after reception. For more information please see our Return Policy.

General questions

I do not know what product I should choose, can you help me?
- Yes, of course we can help you determine what product is good for your hair. For styling advice we encourage you to contact us on Facebook. In that case your question will go to the right person.

Are your products tested on animals?
 - No, none of our products have been tested on animals. We always make sure our products are not tested on animals and are safe to use.

Do you have product samples?
 - Unfortunately most companies do not supply us with product samples, so we are not able to provide them to you. Very sporadically we have some samples and those will be distributed among customers at random.