Shaving Soap

What is shaving soap?

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Shave soap is usually a solid soap, like hand soap, but smaller and with different ingredients. Like the name suggests, you will use it to shave your beard. When you are into a classic wet shave, then shaving soap is indispensable for a comfortable shaving experience.

Not all shaving soaps are solid nowadays, but a lot of more classical ones are. The difference with regular soap is that it contains more nourishing fatty acids and that makes it softer for your skin and it creates a thicker shaving foam when creating lather.

How to use shaving soap?

Men’s shaving soap works best when you use it with a shaving brush and a shaving bowl. You put the solid piece of soap in this shaving soap bowl, and you wet the bottom of your brush with some lukewarm water.

Now you move your shaving brush in circular motions over the solid piece of shaving soap to soften the top layer. Now you can create lather and whisk it in a nice and thick shaving foam. You can use shaving soap numerous times before running out.

When your shaving soap turned into thick foam you can apply it with your hands, but it works best with a shaving brush. Use short strokes to apply it evenly on your beard so that it is coated with an even layer.

Benefits of shaving soap

Shave soap has many benefits when using it for your classic wet shave. First of all, it helps to soften your beard hairs and makes it easier for your safety razor to glide over your face without causing too much razor burn. It contains nourishing and hydrating ingredients to calm your skin.

Another benefit of shaving soap in combination with a shaving brush is that it helps to lift the hairs for an easier shave. You can shave closer to the skin and that will lead to a smoother result and less irritation.

When you shave close to the skin without a shaving soap you risk the chance of getting little cuts, nicks, razor burn and redness. Good shaving soaps help to prevent this and calm your skin so that you will not get that itchy feeling.

Best men’s shaving soap

There are a lot of shaving brands that offer shaving soap, but two extremely popular brands in the Moquer shop are Proraso and Mühle. Proraso is an Italian brand and is popular because of its affordability and you do not have to create lather yourself. It comes ready to use in convenient tubs.

When you go for the full classic way then the German brand Mühle is the way to go. They offer shaving soaps in multiple scents, and they come in either a porcelain or wooden bowl. That way you can easily use your shaving brush on them and create thick shaving foam.

And when you run out of it, you just buy a refill package. Those are very affordable, and you already have a nice shaving bowl. They are available in the scents sandalwood, aloe vera and sea buckthorn.

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