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Rockwell Razors is an American brand that does not like hipster shave clubs and disposable razors. You do not need all these extra blades and gimmicks according to the guys of Rockwell Razors. Having these blades send over every month and dispose of them after a few uses is also very bad for the environment.

Rockwell Razors reinvented the classic double-edge safety razor. It is still shaving like your grandpa did in his time, but now with a modern twist. Some of the Rockwell Razors are adjustable, so you can make sure it works best for your skin. Some men can shave closer to the skin than others.

Rockwell Razors and Moquer

When Moquer brought back many shaving products for men in 2021, Rockwell Razors was added as well. The high quality and premium products for yet an affordable price, were much appreciated by Moquer and Moquer knows that her customers will appreciate this as well.

Moquer hopes to add more beautiful and innovative Rockwell Razors to the shop over time.

Rockwell Razors Products

Rockwell Razors has multiple classic double-edge safety razors for men that are adjustable. That is why beginners and more advanced wet-shavers can use them both.

Many of the razors of Rockwell Razors are available in different version. There are the white chrome versions and grey gunmetal versions. All very elegant and pleasant to use safety razors for men.

The innovative Rockwell Razors 6C comes with 3 plates and that results in 6 different angles to shave your beard. So, it is safe to say that Rockwell Razors is a modern brand with premium products for the modern man.

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