Hair Paste

What is hair paste?

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Hair paste is a hair styling product that fits in the middle when it comes to thickness and stickiness. It is less tacky compared to a hair wax or hair clay, but stickier than a pomade, cream or hair gel.

A hair paste is usually water based, so you will find water or aqua as the first ingredient on the ingredient list. In most cases it will be followed by a wax, like beeswax, microcrystalline wax, lanolin or another wax version.

When you have thin or fine hair, then a hair paste could be something for you when you notice that a clay or hair wax is too heavy or when it is uncomfortable to apply it. In very thick hair a hair paste could be beneficial for the same reasons, because a wax or clay can sometimes be to tacky to apply it comfortably in your hair.

Because of these properties a hair paste works best for men with thin to normal hair that is either straight or wavy.

Properties of hair paste

Hair paste is a very versatile hair styling product because it fits in the middle when it comes to tackiness and thickness. You can usually expect a medium to high hold combined with a medium to matte finish. In that way it compares to a wax or clay, but a hair paste is easier to apply and the hold will be a bit less compared to the other two categories.

A paste is relatively easy to apply and will not cause too much pull. Most of the hair pastes are water based, so you can rinse them out completely with just warm water. A paste does not dry or harden in your hair, so restyling is possible during the day in most cases. Also finger combing your hair should not be a problem.

What men's hairstyles work best with hair paste?

When it comes to hairstyles a hair paste follows waxes and clays, so you should use it for quiffs, faux hawks, comb-overs and out-of-bed looks. In most cases a hair paste will perform best for messy and tousled hairstyles, but it is versatile enough to also achieve a side-part or pompadour when they are not too slick or neat.

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