About Marvis

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Marvis is an Italian brand with oral care products for men. This brand is already around for a few decades, because it has been founded in 1958 in Florence, Italy. This remarkable brand is classic, but also contemporary. Marvis surprises with their tooth pastes, because they are no ordinary tooth pastes.

The mission of Marvis is to transform an ordinary and simple gesture into a moment of pure pleasure. Forget the traditional tooth paste with a mint flavour, but think of unique flavour combinations. That is why Marvis is such an iconic, original and contemporary brand.

Marvis and Moquer

Moquer started in 2014 with mostly hair products, but skincare products were quickly added. In 2018 Moquer decided to start selling Marvis tooth pastes, so you could also get good oral care products for men at the Moquer shop.

Marvis is not just an ordinary brand. Most men that are into premium grooming products will probably have heard of this Italian brand. This cheeky and contemporary brand is really something for the customers of Moquer.

Marvis Products

Marvis is mostly known for their tooth pastes with unusual flavour combinations. There are seven options and you can find them all below. There is a licorice version, but also a ginger or cinnamon version. Not really flavors that come to mind right away when thinking of tooth paste.

Of course the Marvis products also perform as you can expect. They clean you teeth, provide a fresh feeling and reduce plaque. It is a very interesting brand when you want to try something new.

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