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American Crew has been founded in 1994 by David Raccuglia. He foresaw that also for men it would become more important to spend some time on your looks and appearance, so that is why he created American Crew.

This American brand has many affordable products for men that you can find at many barbers and hair salons. Also nowadays American Crew still launches new products to adapt to the ever changing market trends. The motto of American Crew is to create good products for men without compromising your manliness.

American Crew and Moquer

When Moquer was launched in 2014 it also started with American Crew products. Since then the brand is an important part of Moquer and in recent years more and more American Crew products have been added to the shop.

Many men know the American Crew products and it is often their first experience with quality men’s products, so that is why this brand cannot miss in the Moquer shop.

American Crew Products

Initially American Crew was primarily focused on hair styling products for men, but recently they have different product ranges. There are products for your beard and skin as well. For many men American Crew is their first experience with premium grooming products for men.

The products of American Crew are very affordable and a great way to experiment with better grooming products. The most popular American Crew products are the American Crew Fiber, American Crew Boost Powder and the other classic hair styling and hair care products.

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