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Mühle is a real authentic German shaving brand that has been founded in 1945 by Otto Johannes Müller. He is the one responsible for that characteristic Mühle logo. Mühle is the German word for windmill, so that explains the logo. In that same year he started producing shaving brushes.

After 20 years Hans-Jürgen Müller became the head of Mühle, but during the Communistic era Eastern Germany nationalized the company. Only in 1990, after the fall of the Berlin wall, the company came back in the hands of the family Müller. In 2006 it started to go very well for Mühle, and the company grew a lot. They also expanded their product lines. Now the brand has everything you can imagine for classic wet-shaving.

Since 2008 the company has been in the hands of Christian and Andreas Müller, the third generation. So, Mühle is a real family business that already exists for over 75 years. They won several awards over the years. Muhle is also active in the UK nowadays and has a store in London since 2018.

Muehle Shaving and Moquer

When you think of classic shaving products, then Mühle is one of the first brands that comes to mind. That is why Mühle was on the top of the list when Moquer decided to expand their range of classic wet-shaving products.

Their story as a family business, their high-quality German products and their many product lines made it a perfect brand to add to the Moquer shop. Moquer already collaborated with them before regarding other brands as well.

Mühle Shaving Products

As said before, Muehle has a large assortment of shaving products for men. One of the most popular ones are their classic razors, like the double-edge safety razors, shaving brushes and the many shaving accessories. The quality of the products is unparalleled, and the products are exceptionally durable. Mühle products will last you a lifetime, when properly looked after.

Mühle has twelve designer series when it comes to shaving and a few of them you can find in the Moquer shop. There are also multiple Mühle shaving kits and sets available.

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