Shaving Brushes

What is a shaving brush?

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A shaving brush is used by men that usually are into traditional wet shaving. A shaving brush helps to improve your shaving experience and provides a smoother result. Some products have pure badger hair and others are made with synthetic hair.

What are shaving brushes for?

A shaving brush has multiple purposes. First of all, it helps to create lather and whisk your shaving soap or shaving cream into a thick shaving foam. That works best in a shaving soap bowl. It requires some technic, but it enhanced the experience and the result.

A second reason to use a shaving brush is that it helps to lift and put them straight up. That makes it easier to shave them closer to your skin. It is also easier to apply shaving foam with a shaving brush than it is with your hands. It creates a more equal layer.

Badger brush or synthetic brush

Generally speaking, men’s shaving brushes come in two versions. The first group is made with pure badger hair and are called badger brushes. The second group is made with synthetic hair and are completely vegan.

A badger brush works slightly better, but a synthetic one is also very good. Badger hairs are great in retaining moisture and shaving soap, so that you can apply it easily and evenly on your skin. Badger hair is also incredibly soft.

A shaving brush with pure badger hair is very luxurious, but it also requires a bit more maintenance compared to a synthetic one.
So that is why some men choose a shaving brush with synthetic hair over a pure badger brush. They work the same way, and no animal hairs are used to manufacture these men’s shaving brushes. Usually, they are also slightly more affordable.

How to use a shaving brush?

Wet your badger brush or synthetic brush and shake the excesses water out of it. Take some shaving cream or shaving soap in a shaving soap bowl and move your shaving brush on top of it in circular motions to whisk a thick shaving foam.

Wet your face with warm water or use a hot towel. Now, with short and swift strokes you apply the foam on the area you wish to shave. The men’s shaving brush helps to soften the hairs and put them straight up for an easier glide. That will result in a closer shave and a smoother result.

Rinse your shaving brush after you are done shaving and shake the excess water out before storing it in your shaving brush stand or elsewhere.

Best men’s shaving brushes

In the Moquer shop below we have a few beautiful shaving brushes in difference sizes. Some of these brushes are badger brushes and other ones are synthetic shaving brushes. One of the best brands for anything regarding wet shaving, is Mühle, a classic German brand with high quality shaving tools and products.

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