Hair Mousse

What is hair mousse?

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Hair mousse is a foam you can apply for some light styling. You can also use it as a pre-styler to thicken your hair and to get more volume. Afterwards you then apply your favourite styling product.

In almost all cases you will use a mousse in combination with a blow-dryer. That way you achieve the most volume, lift and a soft texture.

Properties of hair mousse for men

Mousse has many benefits for your hair, because it protects against the heat of a blow-dryer or other heat-stylers, it provides hydration and you can use it for relaxed and messy hairstyles.

Your hair will get more definition and you will experience less flyaway’s. It is a styling product that nourishes and hydrates your hair at the same time.

Hair mousse is not sticky and it is very easy to apply. You do not have to worry that you apply too much and it does not dry in your hair, so your hair stays flexible.

What men's hairstyles work best with hair mousse?

You can use hair mousse for all hair types, because it is such a versatile and light product. It also works well in curly hair for naturally moving curls and flexible hairstyles.

When you have thin or fine hair, then you can use mousse to get thicker and fuller hair. It also provides a lot of volume and lift. That is why many people use hair mousse as a pre-styler. It is a great primer to use before applying you favourite styling product.

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