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Forte Series is a hair styling brand created by the famous YouTuber Alex Costa. Alex Costa provides a lot of valuable information about hair styling, clothing and other topics for men. He has tried a lot of different products and created his own Forte Series brand with that knowledge.

Forte Series Texture Clay was the first product that was launched. After that a few more products joined the product line. Forte Series is a luxurious salon brand with minimalist packaging and clean formulas. You can expect a lot of the Forte Series brand in the future.

Forte Series and Moquer

Moquer has been subscribed to Alex Costa’s channel for a long time, so we knew from the start he was trying to launch his own brand. That is why the Forte Series products got added to our shop very fast. Many European men have been waiting for this brand.

A modern YouTube brand like Forte Series fits perfectly between our other YouTube brand like Blumaan, By Vilain and Shehvoo. Moquer expects a lot of this brand considering the status of Alex Costa. And Moquer knows Alex Costa will always launch great quality products with his experience.

Forte Series Products

The first product that Alex Costa launched was the Texture Clay. A product that fits in with the trend of ‘high hold, low shine’ products. Quickly after they launched a shampoo, conditioner, hair paste and argan oil. So, right from the start Forte Series has a very impressive line of products for men.

The Forte Series products are manufactured in the United States and tested by the community, so these products will be popular with many men. Only when the formula is perfect it will be launched for the public. That is why it can take 6-12 months to launch a proper Forte Series product.

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