Sea Salt Spray

What is sea salt spray?

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A sea salt spray contains, as the name suggests, salt. That is why this product is great to achieve beach looks. Many men like how their hair feels when they have spent a day at the beach. Your hair has a lot of texture and volume.

A sea salt spray can achieve these same properties. It is basically a version of a pre-styling spray, but more focused volume and texture. They are usually combined with a hair wax, hair clay or hair paste for more hold and styling.

What does sea salt spray do?

The most important property is volume. Because of the salt and other ingredients your hair swells up and becomes fuller. It works best when you apply a sea salt spray in damp hair and use a blow-dryer afterwards.

You can also expect a lot of texture and a matte finish. A sea salt spray has less hydrating properties compared to a pre-styling spray, so when you have very dry hair, a sea salt spray is maybe not for you.

How to use sea salt spray?

You spray the product in slightly damp or wet hair. Use a blow-dryer to blow your hair dry while styling it the way you want. Use a vented brush or rounded brush to achieve a lot of volume. If desired, you can apply another product for more hold and styling, but you can also use the sea salt spray by itself. Most men use it as a pre-styler, but men with curly hair like to use it by itself sometimes as well.

What men's hairstyles work best with sea salt spray?

A sea salt spray can be used by itself if you are looking for messy and tousled hairstyles with volume and texture. Your hair will also get a natural finish. It will not provide a lot of hold.

You can also combine a sea salt spray with other styling products. Then you apply it in damp hair and use a blow-dryer before you apply a hair wax, hair clay or hair paste. It works best with hair styling products that provide a matte finish as well.

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