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Blumaan is one of the largest YouTube channels focused on hair styling for men. They have more than 1.6 million subscribers. Joseph Andrews is the face and co-founder of By Blumaan and has over 230.000 followers on his Instagram profile.

Joseph Andrews is a big fan of hair styling products for men and that is why he started a YouTube channel. In 2014 Blumaan became a company and started to develop their own hair products based on their own experiences.

Blumaan and Moquer

Moquer was the first company in the Netherlands that made the Blumaan products available in 2015, so the collaboration is already strong for 5 years. Moquer is one of the official resellers with great success. The Blumaan products are one of the most popular products in the shop and you can find many reviews of happy customers. That way you can decide if these products could be something for you.

Blumaan Products

Blumaan Styling Meraki and the Blumaan Cavalier Clay are the most populair products in their product range. Both can be used as a pre-styler as well because of heat protectant ingredients. Momentarily Blumaan focuses on hair styling products for every hair type. They also launched a Discovery Kit with samples of their styling products.

Would you like to get that Blumaan hairstyle? Try one of the Blumaan products and become part of a movement with millions of satisfied customers. They also have a big Facebook Community where everybody helps each other with tips and tricks.

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Blumaan 3-Pack

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