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Seb Man is the men's line of the well-known brand Sebastian Professional. After a very successful product line for women, it was time to develop one for men. Seb Man came up with a concept that evolves around 4 male models with each of them having their own lifestyle and passions.

Seb Man expects to reach many men this way, so that many men can get to know their no-nonsense product line. It does not matter if you are an athlete, creator or traveler, Seb Man has products for you. Do not let yourself be defined by others and follow your passions, that is Seb Man's motto.

Seb Man and Moquer

Moquer knows Sebastian Professional since the beginning, so when they started creating a separate brand for men, it was time to carry the Seb Man products. It is a big brand with simple products for men that are liked by a wide audience.

The Seb Man products are easy to use and very affordable. That makes it a great brand to try when you are new to premium products for men. If you want to start trying something better than the products you buy in your local supermarket or drugstore, then Seb Man is a good starting point.

Seb Man Products

The product line of Seb Man does not contain many products, but you do not need a large line. Most of the products are for your hair, with a few exceptions. Basically, every man washes his hair and uses something for styling and with that Seb Man can help you out without a problem.

It does not matter if you are an athlete, adventurer or creator, Seb Man also has products for your hair and image. The simple, black packaging will prevent you from mistaken them with your wife's or girlfriends’ Products.

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