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Womo is an Italian brand that is part of the Percassi Group. Bullfrog, another Italian brand in our shop, is also part of this group. Womo was founded for the busy man who is constantly trying to reinvent himself.

Modern challenges call for modern solutions. Established in 2012 in Milan, Womo meets these needs. It is a brand with a strong tradition and Italian style. The products are authentic and of high quality. It is also an ideal brand for choosing a wonderful gift for a special man in your life.

The tagline of Womo is "Man on the Move."

Womo Milano and Moquer

In recent years, Moquer has increasingly offered perfumes for men, and Italy knows a lot about this. Since Moquer already offered the Bullfrog brand, it was a very small step to also start offering Womo products.

There are many American brands in the shop, so it is always great to offer authentic European brands like Womo as a contrast. The Italian finesse of the Womo Black Collection particularly appealed to Moquer.

Womo Black Collection

Womo has both perfumes and a clothing line, but Moquer started with the Black Collection. This includes six refined eau de parfums with real, masculine scents. Combined with a sleek black packaging, this is a nice addition to the emerging range of scents for men.

All the scents have a very masculine scent profile, such as Black Tobacco, Black Cologne of Black Oud.

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