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About Arcadian Grooming

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Arcadian Grooming has been founded in 2014 by Eric Dale. The company is located in Knoxville, Tennessee. He started with a beard oil and beard balm for his own use, but quickly he discovered that friends and local hair salons were also interested in these products. And that is how Arcadian Grooming saw the light.

Arcadian means idyllic or pastoral and that fitted in with the minimalist look Eric had in mind, so that is why the brand is called Arcadian Grooming. It is a real American homebrew brand with handmade products manufactured in the USA.

Arcadian Grooming and Moquer

Arcadian Grooming was added by Moquer in 2017. The trend of homebrew products was growing, so this brand definitely deserved a spot in the shop. Moquer loves minimalist brand and high quality handmade products.

In 2017 Moquer was one of the first companies that made Arcadian products available in Europe. Since then the products are performing well and are still gaining popularity with men that are interested in natural products.

Arcadian Grooming Products

Arcadian Grooming started with beard products, but they are best known for their clay pomade and matte paste. More recent they also started offering skin care products, like cleansers and scrubs.

Many men appreciate the natural and cruelty free formulas of Arcadian Grooming. The products are also paraben and sulfate free. The most popular products are their matte hair styling products.

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