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Layrite is no stranger in the world of barbers. Layrite started as a barber shop in 1999 in Costa Mesa, California. It was a true sanctuary where men could go and experience that vibe of the 1940’s.

In their barber shop the future founders of Layrite noticed that many men came in with greasy hair. Customers used a lot of oil based products back then and that makes it more difficult to cut the hair. Oil based products do not rinse out easily.

That is what inspired the guys of Layrite to create water based pomades, because those wash out way easier. In 2001 Layrite Deluxe Pomades was born and they started selling their water based products.

Layrite and Moquer

The collaboration between Layrite and Moquer goes back to 2015. Considering Layrite has been founded in 2001 the products were already very popular when Moquer was launched in 2014. Their water based pomades got a lot of praise and it is just a great classic barber brand, so it was a good choice in addition to the many salon brandsMoquer already sold.

Layrite is also a very affordable brand, so that provides a nice balance to the more premium brands that are available in the Moquer shop. When you are completely new to premium hair products for men, then Layrite is a great place to start experimenting.

Layrite products

Layrite is known for its water based products. The tagline of Layrite is: ‘holds like wax, washes out like gel!’ The products usually provide a pretty strong hold, but with some warm water you can rinse them out again.

Their most popular products are the Layrite Cement and Natural Matte Cream because of their matte finish and affordability. The Layrite Original and Superhold are real classics nowadays and provide more shine.

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