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Clubman Pinaud is an originally French brand that exists for over 200 years. In 1891 Edouard Pinaud started to create fragrances for men and later on the brand expanded with more products. Clubman Pinaud is a very authentic brand with a rich, French history.

Nowadays Clubman Pinaud is owned by an American company and the brand has become more modern. But it is definitely not forgetting its classic European roots and many of the products still do have very unique fragrances.

So, Clubman Pinaud has been around for generations and many men know the brand well. The products are modern, but with a nostalgic feeling.

Clubman Pinaud and Moquer

When Moquer started to offer more shaving products, Clubman Pinaud was one of the first brands on the list. Especially the aftershave lotions and tonics are very popular because of their unique fragrances. Moquer offers a lot of modern brands, but it also tries to add more classic and esteemed brands, like Clubman Pinaud.

Another benefit is that Clubman Pinaud, even though it has a rich history and is very authentic, is very affordable. Clubman Pinaud is a great addition to other shaving and men care brands that Moquer already offered.

Clubman Pinaud Products

Clubman Pinaud has multiple product lines and in the Moquer shop you will primarily find the shaving products. The aftershaves and hair tonics are very popular because of their fragrances and affordability.

The classic and original packaging that refers back to its French roots, is another reason by Clubman Pinaud is a staple brand for men that are into classic wet-shaving.

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