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Raw Naturals is new brand by the Swedish brand Recipe for Men. This new brand has been founded in 2019 as a more affordable alternative to their original product line. The official name is Raw Naturals Brewing Company and that is because they see themselves as a small and natural brewer of grooming products for men.

Raw Naturals products are made in Sweden according to high standards and with many natural ingredients. This natural process they also tried to include in the production, packaging and product descriptions.

Raw Naturals and Moquer

Moquer sells the Raw Naturals products since the start because the Recipe for Men products were already available. So, it was a very logical step to also offer this more affordable and natural line of products in the shop.

Raw Naturals is a great addition to the other grooming brands that are already available, because it appeals to a wider audience because it is more affordable. The product packaging also looks great and the products are more natural compared to other brands in this price range.

Raw Naturals Products

It is a great line of products for your hair, skin and beard. The Raw Naturals are locally manufactured in small batches. Most of the products are paraben and sulfate free. Instead the products are formulated with natural oils and extracts.

Even though the quality is high, the Raw Naturals products are very affordable. The products are of course also safe for your skin. It is a beautiful Scandinavian brand and a great addition to the original Recipe for Men product line, which is also available in the Moquer shop.

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