Hair Spray

What is hair spray?

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Hair spray is a hair styling product that is usually not used by itself, but combined with other products. It is an addition to help you achieve even better hairstyles.

There are basically three categories of hair spray for men: a pre-styling spray, a finishing spray and a sea salt spray. In most cases hair spray contains alcohol and copolymers, but a sea salt spray contains magnesium sulfate or some other saline solution.

Hair spray can be used for all hair types and textures, so it is less relevant if your hair is thin, thick or perhaps straight or curly.

Properties of hair spray for men

If we quickly mention a few properties per hair spray category, then these are the most important ones.

Pre-styling spray:

These sprays are meant to give your hair volume and body. They also often contain heat protectant ingredients to protect your hair against the heat of the blow-dryer or other heat stylers. You apply a pre-styling spray in slightly damp hair. After that you can apply a hair wax or other styling product for more hold and styling.

Finishing spray:

These hair sprays are meant to extent the hold of your hairstyle. Finishing sprays are applied after you styled your hair with a wax, clay, paste or other styling product. These sprays dry slightly in your hair, so that your hair stays up the whole day and repels moisture.

Sea salt spray:

A sea salt spray is basically a pre-styling spray, but you can also use them by itself. They provide volume, texture and a matte finish. Sea salt sprays are best for messy hairstyles and beach looks. You apply them in slightly damp hair prior blow-drying to achieve the maximum volume. After that you can apply a wax, clay or other styling product for extra hold and styling.

What men's hairstyles work best with hair spray?

A hair spray can be used for all hairstyles. As mentioned above there are many ways to use a hair spray and they all have their own properties. Hairstyles with volume require a pre-styling spray or sea salt spray for example. Looks with a lot of hold can benefit from adding some finishing spray.

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