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About TheSalonGuy

TheSalonGuy is a very popular hair styling channel on YouTube. The man behind this successful channel is Stephen Marinaro. He is a hairstylist with more than 20 years of experience and he is no stranger in the world of celebrities. For example, he interviewed multiple famous people like actor James Franco and actor/rapper Nick Cannon, just to name just a few of them.

TheSalonGuy has a mission to inspire and advice millions of people on topics as the newest hair styling trends and fashion. That is why TheSalonGuy has over 900.000 views per month and over 750.00 subscribers on YouTube. When you regularly watch hair styling tutorials online, you will certainly have seen a video of TheSalonGuy.

So, it is no surprise that Stephen TheSalonGuy used his expertise to create his own product line early 2015.

Moquer and TheSalonGuy

Moquer picked up the line of Stephen’s hair products pretty early on. Late 2015 Moquer started selling TheSalonGuy products as the first company in Europe and we are proud it is a success ever since.

TheSalonGuy is not just another YouTube brand, because Stephen has over 20 years of experience as a hairdresser. That is why Moquer knew the products would be of great quality and be healthy for your hair. It is a great, modern salon brand that fits perfectly with the other high-end Moquer brands.

TheSalonGuy products

TheSalonGuy has many different products and once every while he also launches new products. Many products are unisex, so they work for men and women as well. Stephen TheSalonGuy is always looking for better products with healthier ingredients and better performance, so the line constantly improves.

These products contain natural and organic ingredients to nourish and hydrate your hair. Most products are also paraben and sulfate free. The most popular products are the hair styling products, like the 25 Spray, Tidal Wave Sea Salt Spray and the Clutch hair clays.

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